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Anime Hoodie Supply Exclusive: Beyo the Artist

by Tyana Daley

Anime Hoodie Supply wouldn’t be here today without the help of our thriving artist community. Their original Japanese-inspired designs are what make our store one of the most popular online destinations to get an anime hoodie.

We wanted to share with our fans what we know about Beyo the Artist and what inspired him to make his art. Stay tuned for more Anime Hoodie Supply Exclusives.

Beyo the Artist is an eclectic nomad who calls Atlanta, Tampa and a few other cities home. His passion for the arts started with his love for music. For the past 10 years, Beyo has earned his recognition as a producer in the Atlanta, GA and Tampa, FL music scenes. His most notable projects include EP “Pickled Oranges” and Deezy Wee The Reaper’s hit single “Jetro”. He resorted to drawing as a therapeutic hobby to break away from music every now and then while still being creative. Beyo is considered a new artist having started drawing only three years ago, self-taught at that. Thanks to a little help from YouTube University and an uncanny eye to the world his newest pieces helped shaped the collection featured on Anime Hoodie Supply.

Off That Wet, the collection featured of his latest work, is a creative cultivation of Beyo’s most recent ideas. The characters are in a post-apocalyptic world where evil and vice have taken over. From aliens, to creepy zombie woman, prophets, and sorcerers - you can find a little of everything in these anime hoodie designs. The story behind these characters and their scenes can be found on Beyo has worked with a team of creators to storyboard this concept and bring it to life. There are talks of a full manga and animation launching soon. We’ll be the first to cover it.


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